The Composers

Allen, Ward Frenchie’s Reel (with Mel LaVigne) (© Ann Allen and Gail Waters); Mary Ann’s Reel (© Berandol Music)
Anderson, Anita Bus Stop
Anderson, Tom Robertson’s Reel (© Kerr’s Music Corporation)
Arcand, John Big Bear
Arthur, Davey Tamlin
Bain, Aly Bob McQuillen’s Reel
Barenberg, Russ Reunion Jig; Through the Gates
Barnes, Peter Fair Jenny’s
Bartlett, Sam Evil Diane; Green Table
Bartley, Dave Iron Curtain Breakdown
Bell, Jim Jim’s Jig; The Struggling Heart
Benoit, Emile The Breakwater Boys Breakdown (© Bryan Benoit)
Black, B. Granny Quinn’s
Boardman, Greg Leaping Lulu
Boel, Mer Pantaleoni The Wild One!
Bordeleau, Michel Fleur de Mandragore Reel de la Sauvagine (both © Les Editions de La Bottine Souriante)
Bouterse, Curt Nixon’s Farewell; Waiting for Nancy
Bradley, Simon The Salvation
Brady, John The Reel of Sceachóg
Branch, Betsy Buzz the 9; The Long, Hot Shower
Breatnach, Máire The Turning of the Tide
Bruneau, Philippe Le 24 Juin (© Corinne Bruneau)
Brunet, Réjean La Maison de Glace
Burke, Kevin Split Rock, The
Burns, Samuel Ian Rothmar Bert Ferguson; Spootiskerry (both © Mrs. Phyllis E. Burns)
Cahn, David Cynthia’s Christmas Jig
Campbell, John Father Francis Cameron’s Reel; Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip to Boston (both © Estate of John Campbell)
Cann, Amy Catharsis
Carroll, Liz The Golden Legs; Out on the Road; Sevens; That’s Right Too; Wissahickon Drive
Chaisson, Kevin Darla’s Jig
Chapman, Owen “Snake Jerry and Tom (© John Hartford Estate)
Compton, Daniel The Black Cat; Early in the Year; Foot to the Ground; The Labyrinth; The Punter’s Graveyard; The String Theory; The Walk Home
Conger, Susan The Gale; Over the Causeway
Cooper, Ronald Millbrae; Da Tushkar (both © Mrs W Black)
Crehan, Junior The Mist-Covered Mountain; The Otter’s Holt (both © Connoisseur Music)
Cunningham, Phil The Hut on Staffin Island; Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie’s Reel
Curley, Clyde The Flowers of Autumn
De Jarlis, Andy Caribou; The Merry Scotchman Breakdown; Ti-Jean Bouribal Reel (incorrectly titled Reel Desjarlais) (all © Berandol Music)
Doherty, Mick Swingin’ in a Leisure Suit
Dolen, Anita Cat on a Leash (erroneously titled The Billy Church Memorial Breakdown in PC1, first ed.))
Edelman, Larry The Demented Dog; She Says She’s Confused
Euler, Gordy After Midnite; Chirps and Grain; Death Valley Reunion; Full Moon Jig; Gordon’s Fiddletunes Jig
Fahey, Paddy Paddy Fahey’s Jig #1; Paddy Fahey’s Reel No. 1
Favreau, Eric 6/8 du Petit Sarny
Ferrel, Frank The New Stove; Yankee Dancers
Ferry, Michel Farewell to Tchernobyl
Fitchet, Angus J. B. Milne (© Kerr’s Music Corporation)
Flippen, Benton Benton’s Dream (© Estate of Benton Flippen)
Forest, Richard Reel de Mattawa; Reel de Montebello; Le Releveur; Rythme
Fraser, Alasdair Galen’s Arrival; Tommy’s Tarbukas (© Meadowgreen Music Co.); Trip to Ballyshannon (© Meadowgreen Music Co.)
Fréchette, Denis Dedicado à Jos (with Martin Racine) (© Les Editions de la Bottine Souriante)
Gans, Jamie The Desnoyer Reel
Gavin, Frankie Alice’s Reel
Gitlitz, Paul Flying Home to Shelley
Goldman, Dave The Black Cat; December March; Kittens on Catnip
Grote, Joseph The Devil’s Churn; Equinox
Guest, Bill The Bay of Fundy (© Mel Bay Company)
Haggerty, Gary Coffee
Haley, Ed Dunbar (© John Hartford Estate)
Hamilton, Hammy The Kerfunten; The Woodcock
Harper, Addie The Barrowburn Reel (© Harper Music)
Hayes, Rob Paddy on the Landfill
Hébert, Donna Brasstown
Hennessey, Dave The Phoenix
Holland, Jerry Brenda Stubbert’s; Iggie and Squiggie; Mary Claire; Scars and Tattoos; Stan Chapman’s Jig (all © Fiddlesticks Music)
Huntley, Lawrence Saturday at the Market
Jeffes, Simon Music for a Found Harmonium (© Editions Penguin Café Ltd.)
Johnson, TJ Old Woolworths
Kahle, Roger Magyarific
Kaynor, David Becky’s Mode; The Green Apple Quickstep
Kenney, Stuart Elsie’s Farewell
Kenty, Dean Campbell River Jig (© Betty DeLong)
Kimball, Jim String of Trucks
Kirkpatrick, John Jump at the Sun
Laufman, Dudley Jig in A
LeBlanc, Félix Reel du P’tit Félix
Lennon, Charlie The Handsome Young Maidens
Leva, James Lost Everything
Levy, Bertram Shamrocks in the Galax
Lindsay, Creighton The Bluejay
Link, Jack Skippin’ Cat (© Nathan Link)
Lippincott, Peter Snake River Reel
Lowe, Charlie Tater Patch (© Shelby Taylor)
Lowthian, Ian Myra’s Jig
Loyer, Jean-Paul Korolenko (1st part); Le Tourment (both © Camille Lépine)
Lundin, Arvid Cherry Tree Reel
Mabus, Joel The Blue Jig
MacDonald, Dan R. The Southwest Bridge; Trip to Windsor (both © Cameron Music Sales)
MacLean, Norman Scarce o’ Tatties
MacLeod, Bobby The High Road to Linton (C and D parts) (© Kerr’s Music Corporation)
Marchand, André Les Patins de Pauline; Le Reel des Siamois
Marshall, Roy Camp Pleasant Jig
Martin, Nancy Joanie’s Jig (© Bill Martin)
Masterson, Olcan Mark Mcloughlin’s Reel (erroneously titled The Convenience Reel in PC1, first ed.))
Mates, Tony Little Nell
McCallum, Rebecca Monique at the Anvil
McCusker, John Frank’s Reel
McEachern, Cecil Lady Slipper Reel
McLane, Jeremiah Hills of Sharon
McNeill, Brian The Anchor Steam Reel
McQuillen, Bob Black Friday; McLenon’s Reel; Multnomah March; Pete’s March; Randy Miller’s Reel; Robin’s Bodhran; Sarah’s Jig; Scotty O’Neil
Meilleur, Marcel Festival du Voyageur Reel (© Noyale Meilleur)
Messervier, Marcel Reel des Accordionistes; La Belle Gaspesie; Hommage à Edmond Parizeau; Hommage à Rock Proulx; Reel Joseph; Reel Ti-Me
Miller, Randy Basket of Yarn; Willy’s Jig
Miller, Rodney Asher; Bad Hair; Contrazz; Courtesan’s Jig; Rockabilly Reel
Mohr, Rick Indian Point
Morningstar, Judi March of St. Timothy
Mulhaire, Tommy Tommy Mulhaire’s Jig (© Martin Mulhaire)
Mulvihill, Charlie Charlie Mulvihill’s (© Tommy Mulvihill)
Murphy, Keith Arizona; Rare
Ní Mhaonaigh, Mairéad The Red Crow (© Green Linnet)
Noveck, Danny Sligo Creek
O’Broin, Paddy Ban Poor But Happy at 53 (© Bernadette Ní Broin)
O’Connor, Francis The Hairy Dogleaf
Picard, Lorenzo Reel du Père Bruneau, (© Hervé Picard)
Puchalski, Stefan Mad Dan
Racine, Martin Dedicado à Jos (with Denis Frechette) (© Les Editions de la Bottine Souriante)
Reavy, Ed The Hunter’s House, The (© Ed Reavy Non-Profit Foundation)
Reischman, John Hamsters in the Pantry
Richardson, Dave Calliope House; MacArthur Road
Richardson, Mike John Campbell’s Trip to Port Townsend
Ring, Brendan The Lisnagun Jig
Rosen, Steve Nail That Catfish to the Tree
Ryan, Seán The Glen of Aherlow; Seán Ryan’s Jig (both © Brian Ryan)
Seattle, Matt The Tartar Frigate
Sessions, Erik It Ain’t the Heat, It’s the Humidity
Shaw, Donald MacLeod’s Farewell
Shaw, Pat Snow on Valafield (© Chris Shuldham-Shaw)
Siegel, Peter The Other Good Host
Silverstein, Todd Boot Shuffle; Forest Wedding; Heavens to Betsy; Highlander’s Reel; Timberline
Simos, Mark Kiss and Make Up
Smith, Arthur L. North Carolina Breakdown; Walking in My Sleep (both © Robert L Smith)
Somberg, Marty Falls of Richmond (D part)
Songer, Susan Kathy Seubert’s Jig
Springer, Michael Burchard’s Hornpipe (erroneously titled Bouchard’s Hornpipe in PC1, first ed.))
Stubbert, Brenda Kaley Amber’s; Rannie MacLellan; Wake Up to Cape Breton
Sutherland, Pete Mad River
Teahan, Terry The Road to Glountane (© Sheila Teahan O’Mahoney)
Thonon, Daniel Evit Gabriel
Thor, Carl The Sidereal Shuffle
Tonra, Brendon Tonra’s Jig (erroneously title Tone Row in PC1, first ed.)
Townsend, Graham Don Tremaine’s Reel; Ice on the Road; Pat the Budgie (all ‘ Estate of Graham Townsend)
Trampe, Steve Margot’s Surprise
Ungar, Jay Round the Horn; Spadookis; Vladimir’s Steamboat; The Wizard’s Walk
Unger, Larry All the Rage; Beth Cohen’s; The Curvy Road to Corinth; Horace Hanesworth; Jefferson Road; Megajig; Mr. Danger; Pam’s Tune
Valley of the Moon Supersonic Class Woofin’ the Cat (© Scottish Fiddlers of CA Scholarship Fund)
VanNorstrand, Noah Gondolin
Verret, Jean-Marie La Cinquième Partie du Caledonia
Welling, William B Marcel Martin
Wellington, Bill Belknap’s March
Wergeland, Terry April Storm
Williams, Vivian Union Street Jig
Wilmot, Johnny Hughie Shorty’s Reel, Johnny Wilmot’s Jig (both © Dolena Patricia Wilmot)


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