The Portland Collection

The Portland Collection:
Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest

Welcome to The Portland Collection website, named after our tune books, The Portland Collection: Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest (Volume 1 and Volume 2). Here you will find a repository of information about contra dance music in Portland, Oregon and by extension, throughout the United States and beyond.

Don?t be deceived by the localized titles of our products. Portland contra dance musicians, like contra dance musicians everywhere, play a repertoire of tunes that come from the four corners of this continent and beyond. You can hear much of the contra dance music in Portland at contra dances everywhere. Our books and recordings do include local composers who have added their own fine tunes into this mix as well as some local favorite tunes that we are eager to share.

On this site you will find lots of information about our books and recordings, ordering possibilities (both online and by mail-in order form), links to many of the composers and other resources, information about us, and updates on new tunes and projects.

We love to hear from you. Send us email with comments, suggestions, praise, complaints, or anything else.

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